Shizune (medic_shizune) wrote,

[Private: Konoha Only]

Iwashi, Raidou, Genma and I have been dispatched to retrieve Sakura-san from the Sound. It is imperative that we do not fail. Therefore, the mission is at the forefront of my mind at the moment. Nothing else is important.

We cannot allow that bastard to succeed.



Still, I can't help thinking about this morning. It started off normally enough – I was out of the house before sunrise, intent on drowning myself in a little paperwork. Thoughts of Genma kept gnawing at me, though. Memories of when we were kids, dancing with him at the party, the couch the other day. I still couldn't quite wrap my mind around it – he snuggled me. I couldn't stop thinking about it; it was driving me insane.

And then, Kotetsu decided to ruin my day by getting high in his office. And he stole Tonton~! IS NOTHING SACRED IN THIS WORLD!? WHO GETS A PIG STONED?

I decided to try banging my head against my desk in case that would help. It didn't. I had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't. I decided to go get a cup of coffee. Coffee would help. I threw aside the papers and reached to open the door to my office, but I ran into a brick wall. At least, it seemed like a brick wall. When I looked up, however, I realized that the brick wall was Genma, and I was pressed very embarrassingly against him. His arms were on my shoulders to steady me and I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"Yo," he said, the senbon dangling from his mouth.

I was – well. I couldn't say what came over me. Maybe it was the way his smile slanted just-like-that, so it wasn't a smirk, not really. Maybe I remembered the way he used to grin before Hayate died. I don't know if it was something specific, if it was anything at all. I felt my hand come up of its own accord and touch his cheek. I couldn't believe my own boldness, and apparently, neither could he, as his mouth dropped and the senbon dropped to the floor between us.


"Shizune," he whispered, and my stupid brain took his tone as license to do – well, I didn't know WHAT I was doing. I reached up to kiss him on the cheek, just on the cheek, so that maybe I could claim later -- when he ran screaming -- that it was only a friendly kiss. I wouldn't get the chance, however.

He turned his head and caught his mouth with mine. I jumped away as if I was electrocuted. HE KISSED ME. HE KISSED ME. ON PURPOSE. My fingers flew to my lips as if they were on fire. Meltdown initiated. Total meltdown in 5… 4… 3…

Meltdown totally interrupted!

Brain function at zero percent with Genma's hands in my hair and kissing me like – I can't even explain it. Like I was oxygen and he needed me to survive. And somehow – I don't know how – we ended up on my desk. I think I may have stumbled against it and he lifted me up onto it? I really don't know. All I know is that instead of paperwork on my desk, it was Genma on top of me on my desk and I couldn't care less. Screw paperwork. Screw everything. The world disappeared around us and I drowned in him.

Of course, until Tsunade-sama and Kotetsu-san burst through the door to bring us our mission. Kotetsu looked absolutely shell-shocked and Tsunade-sama dropped her sake. The saucer smashed against the floor as I pushed Genma off of me. I tried to compose myself, but I suppose that's hard when you're lying on your desk. Tsunade-sama just smirked a knowing smirk and Kotetsu-san's expression was undecipherable.

"If you're quite finished, Shizune," said Tsunade-sama. "I'm afraid I have to take your team off of stand-by. You have a mission. Get your equipment ready. Your team is leaving in ten minutes."

I nodded, trying to slow my heart rate back down to normal. A mission I could handle. Genma looking at me how he was looking at me as they left – that was a different story.


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